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About Just Outdoor Toys

Just Outdoor Toys (JOT) opened in June 2003 with me (Alan) working from a friends dining room with a second hand laptop and a small product display in a field. The business grew much faster than expected and fortunately Jane arrived to help sort out the chaos!

Now we are one of the largest specialists in the country, offering everything from components to complete play systems to both the commercial and domestic markets.  We reinvested everything for the first five years which was painful at times but it means we now own everything outright – our warehouse, office, vehicles etc – which prepares us for the next stage of our expansion.

With this growth comes increased responsibility so, at the risk of sounding like a ‘tree hugger’, I wanted to use this section to highlight what JOT now does to try and lessen our impact on the environment:-

  • Reuse all supplier cardboard, packaging & pallets
  • Recycle all paper, glass, tin & plastic generated in our office & warehouse
  • Use Tanalith E preservative
  • Use FSC or PEFC certified timber
  • Source climbing frames manufactured in the UK
  • Use recycled paper for all our stationary
  • Use low energy light bulbs in our office & warehouse
  • Use a green energy electricity supplier for our warehouse
  • Harvest rainwater from our warehouse roof to clean our vehicles
  • Planted a native hedgerow around our warehouse (850 plants)
  • Planted a mixed hedgerow around our former Essex Display Centre (200 plants)
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