Hints & Tips for Slides

Hints & Tips for Slides

Hints & Tips for Slides

Hints & Tips for Slides
Since opening for business in 2003, we have displayed, shipped and installed hundreds of Slides for use in domestic and commercial play areas. Here are some tips based on our experience…

Residential slides are available in four designs – straight, wavy, spiral and tube.


Platform Height

The platform height determines the slide length that you need. Assuming flat ground, the slide body needs to be as close to 2 x your platform height as practical.
The most common platform heights and our associated slides are listed below;


If you require a standalone slide (i.e. slides body with stepset) you should consider the tp Toys range of slides for domestic use or our stainless steel slide sets for commercial applications.

Static electricity

This is a common problem with plastic slides due to the large amount of friction.
Some actions can reduce the build up of static; avoid synthetic clothes, regularly clean the slide surface with soapy water, add an earthing strap.