Broadford Primary School

Broadford Primary School

Project Description

For the reopening of this school we were asked to supply our largest slide, an extra wide 4.4m long stainless steel slide to fit onto a tower built by the building contractor.
This proved so popular that we were asked to supply two standard width 4.4m long stainless steel slides for a self-build project about a year later.
The school built an Adventure Trail along with a very large platform and now the luck pupils have 3 super long steel slides to race down!

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Play Equipment at Broadford Primary School

  • 4.4m long x 1m wide Stainless Steel Slide
  • 4.4m long x 0.5m wide Stainless Steel Slides x 2
  • Delivery only

Project Cost

  • In the region of: £6,000*

* Prices are approximate and include all the products and services that we provided. Some additional products and services may have been provided by other companies. Prices are correct at date of installation and include VAT.