Colliers Arms Farm Shop

Colliers Arms Farm Shop

Project Description

As the popularity of this Farm Shop grew, the owners wanted to create a playground area for visiting children.
Attracted by our modular design, the owners asked us to quote for the design, supply and installation of a twin tower Climbing Frame plus a pair of Spring Rockers.
The site was cleared and leveled prior to our arrival and the landscaping completed after our installation (hence the soil surface in the photos).

Rather strangely, given the rave reviews, the Colliers Arms Farm Shop didn’t have a web site or Facebook page when we dealt with them but this link may help;
(Trip Advisor – Colliers Arms Farm Shop, Clowes Top)

Play Equipment at the Colliers Arms Farm Shop

The playground at the Colliers Arms Farm Shop included;

  • Jungle Clubhouse x 2
  • Bridge
  • 3m Slide
  • Gangplank
  • Rock Wall
  • Access Ladder
  • Duck Spring Rocker
  • Tractor Spring Rocker
  • Grassmat Safety Surface
  • Delivery and Installation

Project Cost

  • In the region of: £8,000*

* Prices are approximate and include all the products and services that we provided. Some additional products and services may have been provided by other companies. Prices are correct at date of installation and include VAT.