Home Front Mountain

Home Front Mountain

Project Description

Following a visit to our Thames Valley Display Centre, we helped this family from Wolverhampton to design a Home Front Mountain playset to suit their space and childrens needs.
Our experienced installation team delivered and installed the playset and this was finished off by a third party with a safety surface called ‘Softbond’ (shredded rubber bonded with glue).

Home Front Mountain playset detail

  • Home Front Mountain Towers
  • Monkey Bar
  • Double Swing Arm
    • Nest swing Seat
  • Wooden Roof upgrade
  • Climbing Wall
  • Super Height Cargo Net
  • Super Height Rock Wall
  • Gangplank
  • 4m Stainless Steel Firemans Pole
  • Installation service

Project Cost

  • In the region of: £4,500*

* Prices are approximate and include all the products and services that we provided. Some additional products and services may have been provided by other companies. Prices are correct at date of installation and include VAT.