Maypole Pub

Maypole Pub

Project Description

Statistics from pub companies constantly show that the return on investment for play equipment can be especially high; with young families spending more money, consuming higher margin products and visiting more often.

With this opportunity in mind, we were chosen by Enterprise Inns to design, supply and install a large commercial climbing frame solution at the Maypole Pub, Thurloxton (Maypole Pub, Thurloxton).

Play Equipment at the Maypole Pub

The pub playground at the Maypole Pub included;

  • Jungle Clubhouse x 2
  • Bottom Clubhouse x 2
  • Wooden Roof x 2
  • Bridge
  • 3m Slide
  • Gangplank
  • Cargo Net
  • Rock Wall
  • Firepole
  • Tic Tac Toe (OXO) Activity Panel
  • Grassmat Safety Surface
  • Delivery and Installation

Project Cost

  • In the region of: £15,000*

* Prices are approximate and include all the products and services that we provided. Some additional products and services may have been provided by other companies. Prices are correct at date of installation and include VAT.