DIY Components

DIY Components

Do you want to Do-It-Yourself? Then welcome to our range of DIY Components.
Many customers want to design and build their own play equipment.
This may be because they want to create a bespoke design or utilise a specific garden space.
Or it may be a way of saving money or catering for a unique requests.

While pressure treated timber can easily be sourced from multiple suppliers,
the right fixings and fixtures can really make the difference.

  • Climbing - Climbing Stones, Cargo Nets, Fire Poles, Climbing Bars
  • Swinging - Hooks, Ropes, Shackles and a dedicated Swing Seat department.
  • Building - Handgrips, Brackets, Swing Frame Corners
  • Sliding - Our range of garden slides has grown so big that we have created a dedicated Slide department.
  • Imagining - Binoculars, Telescopes, Steering Wheels, Letterboxes, Telephones..

If you have any questions about DIY Components, then please do not hesitate to contact us.

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    Premium Climbing Nets

    Premium Climbing Nets (3 options)

    Our Premium Climbing Nets are available in four sizes (height x width);
    Small (1.2m x 1m), Medium (1.5m x 1.2m), Large (2m x 1.5m) and Extra Large (2m x 2m)
    Full dimensions can be found in the ‘Details’ tab below.

    £90.00£140.00 £63.00£140.00 inc VAT