HF Accessories (Domestic)

  • Monkey Bar Connector and Ladders

    Monkey Bar Connector with two access ladders and a built in climbing rope which will fit the Home Front Jungle, Mountain and Cosmic ranges..

    £595.00 inc VAT
  • Fort Top – inc two full walls

    Home Front Fort Top which fits the top of the Monkey Climber to create a hideout. Complete with two full walls, extra walls can be added to enclose the fort.

    £610.00 inc VAT
  • Home Front 4m Slide

    The longest garden slide available in the UK! Designed to fit the 2.1m high wooden platform on the Home Front Mountain or Cosmic range. Super quick wavy slide available in green.

    £625.00 inc VAT
  • Home Front Tube Slide

    The Home Front Tube Slides are designed to fit the 2.1m (7′) high platform found on the Home Front Mountain and Monkey Climber ranges.

    £625.00 inc VAT
  • Bottom Clubhouse

    Home Front Bottom Clubhouse to fit the Jungle, Mountain and Cosmic ranges.

    £648.00 inc VAT
  • Bridge

    Home Front Bridge, designed to connect two towers together. Fits the Canyon, Jungle, Mountain and Cosmic ranges.

    £650.00 inc VAT
  • Home Front Spiral Slide

    Home Front Open Spiral Slide body, a great alternative from a straight or wavy slide. Available in green or yellow, it is designed to attach to a 1.5m high wooden platform, such as the Jungle, Mountain or Cosmic ranges

    £895.00 inc VAT
  • Base Fort & Wooden Floor (Jungle)

    Wooden Base Fort which fits the Jungle Clubhouse and comes complete with Wooden Floor, 2 windows and a latched door.

    £973.00 inc VAT
  • Home Front Accessory Station

    The Home Front Accessory Station fits onto the side of any Home Front climbing frame – Canyon, Jungle, Lunar or Mountain. Perfect for adding extra climbing accessories. Four features in one – Ladder, Bridge, Cargo Net and Rockwall.

    £1,155.00 inc VAT
  • Home Front Mountain Base Fort

    Home Front Base Fort & Wooden Flooring (Mountain) completely encloses the bottom of a Mountain tower, with windows, an opening door with latch, vertical rock climb and adapted access wall to the top deck if required.

    £1,690.00 inc VAT