Just Outdoor Toys

Just Outdoor Toys

Welcome to our own Just Outdoor Toys brand of components and accessories.
Ideal for domestic self-build projects or as an addition to existing garden play equipment.

Build or enhance your play equipment with our wide range of Accessories.
Why not add a physical challenge like a Rock Wall or Rope Ladder? Or extend the play value with a Swing Arm or Monkey Beam?
Also, you can help to stimulate creative play with smaller accessories such as the Boat Wheel and Periscope, which are very easy to fit.
All of these Accessories are built to the current toy safety standards, tested and certified for domestic use.

We also offer our own range of high quality, wooden Climbing Frames and Swing Frames under the Ventura name.

Childrens Swings, Just Outdoor Toys
  • Shackles and Carabiners (3 options)

    These high quality metal Shackles and Carabiners are ideal for connecting chains and ropes. Quick release for easier changeover.

    £2.00£5.00 inc VAT
  • Childrens Twizzler (4 options)

    Premium Childrens Twizzler, great for upper body strength, available in different colours and with a length adjustable natural hemp ropeset. Hang, swing and spin!

    £28.00 inc VAT
  • Two Piece Kayak Paddle

    Whisper Kayak Paddle, perfect for all levels of ability, this model is lightweight with well designed blades helping you to paddle for longer with less fatigue and move them through the water quietly.

    £60.00 £30.00 inc VAT
  • Padded Kayak Seat

    High Back Padded Kayak Seat which fits onto any Kayak model, perfect for providing more comfort and support.

    £60.00 £30.00 inc VAT
  • Picnic Table and Seats

    Picnic Table and Seat set suitable to add to existing wooden play equipment or structure (no timber is included in this price), great to make a picnic area underneath a wooden tower.

    £75.00 £67.50 inc VAT