Just Outdoor Toys

Just Outdoor Toys

Welcome to our own Just Outdoor Toys brand of components and accessories.
Ideal for domestic self-build projects or as an addition to existing garden play equipment.

Build or enhance your play equipment with our wide range of Accessories.
Why not add a physical challenge like a Rock Wall or Rope Ladder? Or extend the play value with a Swing Arm or Monkey Beam?
Also, you can help to stimulate creative play with smaller accessories such as the Boat Wheel and Periscope, which are very easy to fit.
All of these Accessories are built to the current toy safety standards, tested and certified for domestic use.

We also offer our own range of high quality, wooden Climbing Frames and Swing Frames under the Ventura name.

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    Trapeze Bar and RingsTrapeze Bar and Rings in Red (PP)

    Trapeze Bar and Rings (5 options)

    Trapeze Bar and Rings, a popular choice for budding acrobats, two activities in one and comes with either natural polyhempex adjustable ropes, which are easy to grip and soft feel, or polypropylene rope.

    £12.00£22.00 £0.00£22.00 inc VAT
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    Bolt CoversBolt Covers

    Bolt Covers (8 options)

    Our Bolt Covers come in 2 designs; surface and sunken. They help to prevent tampering and also snagging on the exposed heads of nuts and bolts. Ideal for use on our Activity Panels, Swing Frame Corners, Corner Plate and Wall Brackets.

    £2.00 £1.50£2.00 inc VAT
  • Stainless Steel Bow ShacklesCarabinier Clip

    Shackles and Carabiners (3 options)

    These high quality metal Shackles and Carabiners are ideal for connecting chains and ropes. Quick release for easier changeover.

    £2.00£5.00 inc VAT
  • Polyhempex RopeRope - 24mm diameter

    Rope (3 options)

    Our Polyhempex Rope is sold per metre and is available in 10mm, 12mm and 24mm diameters.

    £2.00£5.00 inc VAT
  • Plastic Climbing Stones - YellowPlastic Climbing Stones

    Plastic Climbing Stones (2 colours)

    Create your own Rock Wall with our Plastic Climbing Stones.
    Normally available in two colours and sold individually so you can customise your design.
    Please click on the drop-down menu below for photographs, pricing and availability;

    £2.00 inc VAT
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    Swing Hook BoltBolt Swing Hooks

    Swing Hook Bolt (2 options)

    Suitable for round and square timber, our Swing Hook Bolt options include two designs: 10cms and 14cms.

    £5.00£7.00 inc VAT
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    Plastic Hand Grips - smallPlastic Hand Grips - large

    Plastic Hand Grips (4 options)

    Improve the safety of your climbing frame or treehouse with our range of large Plastic Hand Grips.
    Sold in pairs, they are 33cms long, include the coach screws and are normally available in multiple colours.

    £10.00 £5.99 inc VAT
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    Swing Hook AroundAround Swing Hooks - 10cms Green

    Swing Hook Around (4 options)

    Swing Hook Around for the strongest solution and normally available in square or 2 sizes of round. Please select from the menu below.

    £6.00£8.00 £6.00 inc VAT
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    Childrens Climbing RopesBudget Climbing Rope bottom

    Childrens Climbing Ropes (6 options)

    With 3 ranges available we have climbing ropes to suit every budget.  Each range is available in 2 styles; with 3 knots or no knots, they are all 2.1m long. and have a galvanised steel ring at the top to make it easy to attach to your climbing frame or treehouse.

    £12.00£35.00 £8.00£35.00 inc VAT
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    Hammock Seat

    Hammock Seat

    Our Hammock Seat is made from a durable blue polypropylene rope which has been UV treated. The two hardwood bars and steel rings at either end allow easy attachment.

    £30.00 £8.00 inc VAT
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    Flags (9 options)

    Flags are a colourful way to personalise your play equipment. Made from weather resistant synthetic material with two brass reinforced holes. You will need to supply your own string or cord for attaching to a mast.

    £10.00£20.00 £8.00£20.00 inc VAT
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    Monkey Disc Seat (Blue) from Just Outdoor Toys

    Monkey Disc Seat (4 colours)

    Purchase a Monkey Disc Seat only (no rope) in a choice of colours if you already have rope, or you can buy matching rope from us by the metre.  Monkey Swing Seats are a very popular choice with children.

    £12.00 £8.00 inc VAT
  • -50%
    Tree Swing Conversion Rope

    Tree Swing Conversion Rope

    Rope and shackle set which can be fitted around a tree branch to make it easier and safer to hang your tree swing seat. *Sold individually*.

    £18.00 £9.00 inc VAT
  • -50%
    Childrens Plastic Swing SeatPlastic Swing Seat

    Childrens Plastic Swing Seat

    Half price Plastic Swing Seat.
    Made from dark green, blow-moulded plastic (easy to clean), this is a full size swing seat (44cms wide).
    The fully adjustable ropes mean it can fit onto any full height swing frame (1.8m – 2.4m).

    £20.00 £9.99 inc VAT
  • -60%
    Sit and Stand Swing Seat

    Sit and Stand Swing Seat

    Two seats in one and great value! A large flat seat to comfortably sit or safely stand on. Made from a plastic square with feet indentations to help with stability, allowing children to swing whilst standing up. Available in green only, it comes with white length adjustable polypropylene ropes.

    £25.00 £9.99 inc VAT
  • -50%
    Metal HandgripMetal Handgrip

    Metal Handgrip

    A 90cm long metal Handgrip suited to domestic use. Available in green this grip will help to improve the safety of a wooden climbing frame.

    £20.00 £10.00 inc VAT
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    Wooden Swing SeatsWooden Swing Seats - polypropylene ropes

    Wooden Swing Seats (3 options)

    Our Wooden Swing Seats are ideal for shared swinging fun as is can be used by both children and adults. These durable seats are made from pressure treated pine or hardwood and all come with height adjustable ropes which have been bonded to the seat.

    £15.00£24.00 £10.00£24.00 inc VAT
  • -78%
    Kayak Rod Holder

    Kayak Rod Holder & Mount

    Adjustable Fishing Rod Holder & Mount which attaches to any of our Crescent Kayak models.

    £45.00 £10.00 inc VAT
  • -33%
    Vertical Tyre Swing Hook

    Vertical Tyre Swing Hook

    Attach your tyre swing seat to a timber swing beam easily and safely with our Tyre Swing Hooks.
    1 Eye for vertical tyre or 3 Eyes for a horizontal tyre.
    Please select from the menu below;

    £15.00 £10.00 inc VAT
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    Disc Swing SeatsValue Monkey Swing Seats - Blue with white rope

    Disc Swing Seats (3 colours)

    Our Value Monkey Swing Seats (inc. adjustable white rope) are at a heavily discounted price and available in three colours. A popular choice for tree branches as well as swing frames.

    £20.00 £10.00 inc VAT
  • -35%
    Horizontal Tyre Swing Hook

    Horizontal Tyre Swing Hook

    Attach your tyre swing seat to a timber swing beam easily and safely with our Tyre Swing Hooks.
    1 Eye for vertical tyre or 3 Eyes for a horizontal tyre.
    Please select from the menu below;

    £20.00 £13.00 inc VAT
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    Childs Toy TelescopeJust Outdoor Toys components

    Childs Toy Telescope (5 options)

    Our Childs Toy Telescope offers 360 degree rotation plus vertical movement. The kit comes with 2 types of mounting bracket and 4 woodscrews. For safety there is no magnification in the plastic lenses.

    £18.00 £15.00 inc VAT
  • -21%
    Trapeze Bar SwingTrapeze Bar Clamp

    Trapeze Bar Swing

    Premium wooden Trapeze Bar, great for upper body strength whilst hanging or doing somersaults round the bar. Adjustable ropeset.

    £19.00 £15.00 inc VAT
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    Childs Toy Periscope

    Childs Toy Periscope (4 options)

    Our Childs Toy Periscope come with two built in mirrors and is ready to attach to your climbing frame. The periscope can be unclipped from the bracket and is a cheap and easy way to add creative value to existing wooden play equipment.

    £20.00 £16.00 inc VAT