Trim Trails

Trim Trails / Play Trails / Fitness Trails / Adventure Trails

They go by many names; Trim Trails, Play Trails, Fitness Trails, Adventure Trails.
Whichever name you prefer, we offer a wide range of equipment, which can be configured to suit all ages and all users.
So, whether you are building an adult trim trail; a fitness circuit or an area to improve children’s balance and coordination, we can supply the solution.

We have a range of over 30 individual pieces so that you can build your own trail configuration and we have also put together some complete sets, to help give ideas and save planning time.

Play Trails offer schools the greatest flexibility of all outdoor play equipment types.
The Play Trail can be as long or as short as you want it – it can be straight or it can follow a special path to fit your site.
The heights and content of the equipment can be specified by you to be as challenging or as easy as you want them to be and to suit the age group you are catering for.
Also, you can easily extend the Play Trail area as and when more funds become available.

Our delivery charges for Trim Trails depend on location, volume and installation services, so please contact us for a quotation.
However, as a guide, our delivery charges for Adventure Trails are normally in the region of £150.

Grand Junction Arms, Trim Trails, Play Trails, Fitness Trails, Adventure Trails
Smugglers Inn playground,Trim Trails, Play Trails, Fitness Trails, Adventure Trails