• Plastic Hand Grips (3 options)

    Improve the safety of your climbing frame or treehouse with our range of large Plastic Hand Grips.
    Sold in pairs, they are 33cms long and made from solid plastic (unlike the cheaper hollow ones you find in some stores).

    £10.00 inc VAT
  • Childs Toy Telescope (5 options)

    Our Childs Toy Telescope offers 360 degree rotation plus vertical movement. The kit comes with 2 types of mounting bracket and 4 woodscrews. For safety there is no magnification in the plastic lenses.

    £10.00£18.00 inc VAT
  • DIY Monkey Bar

    Build your own Access Ladder or Monkey Bar set with our premium DIY Monkey Bar. It comes complete with instructions, 2 mounting sockets and fixings.

    £15.00 £12.50 inc VAT
  • Playground Warning Signs (3 options)

    We stock three standard playground warning signs, covering age limits, dogs and climbing along monkey bars. The sizes vary but all three are made from 5mm thick rigid foam board for zero maintenance.

    £12.50£25.00 inc VAT
  • tp Universal Sandpit Cover (tp346)

    tp Universal Sandpit Cover (tp346) is a large waterproof sheet which can be cut to fit most current tp sandpits. It comes with attachment cords to secure it.

    £12.99 inc VAT
  • Horizontal Tyre Swing Hook

    Attach your tyre swing seat to a timber swing beam easily and safely with our Tyre Swing Hooks.
    1 Eye for vertical tyre or 3 Eyes for a horizontal tyre.
    Please select from the menu below;

    £20.00 £13.00 inc VAT
  • Childs Boat Wheel (6 options)

    Childs Boat Wheels are very popular and made from solid plastic for added durability and come with a large woodscrew and mounting bracket for free-spinning. An easy way to add creative play value to your wooden climbing frame.

    £15.00£22.00 inc VAT
  • Metal Handgrips (4 options)

    Our Metal Handgrips are available in two sizes and two colours.
    Please select from the menus below for photographs and prices.
    For dimensions, please see the ‘Details’ tab below.

    £15.00£25.00 inc VAT
  • Vertical Tyre Swing Hook

    Attach your tyre swing seat to a timber swing beam easily and safely with our Tyre Swing Hooks.
    1 Eye for vertical tyre or 3 Eyes for a horizontal tyre.
    Please select from the menu below;

    £15.00 inc VAT
  • Swing Hook American

    Commercially approved Swing Hook, great for attaching swing seats to swing beams. Also known as an ‘American’ style hook.

    £18.00 inc VAT
  • tp Duo Ride Bracket (tp774)

    The tp Duo Ride Bracket (tp774) is needed to attach the tp Rockaboat, tp Skyride or tp Pirate Boat to the tp Roundwood and Sherwood Swing Frames.
    It can also be used to attach any Duo Ride to any 10cms roundwood swing beam.

    £19.99 inc VAT
  • tp WrapAround Swing Seat (tp924)

    tp’s WrapAround Swing Seat, a great design with a flexible plastic seat to fit even the smallest bottom and help make them feel secure and confident as they learn to swing independently. Suitable for most swing frames.

    £29.99 £19.99 inc VAT
  • tp Trampoline Ground Stake Pack (tp339)

    The tp Trampoline Ground Stake Pack (tp339) is a set of 8 stakes to help keep your trampoline safe and secure on the ground.

    £19.99 inc VAT
  • Childs Toy Periscope (4 options)

    Our Childs Toy Periscope come with two built in mirrors and is ready to attach to your climbing frame. The periscope can be unclipped from the bracket and is a cheap and easy way to add creative value to existing wooden play equipment.

    £20.00 inc VAT
  • Childs Steering Wheel (4 options)

    Our toy Childs Steering Wheel is made of solid plastic for added durability and comes with a large woodscrew and mounting bracket for free spinning. A popular addition to climbing frames and tree houses.

    £20.00 inc VAT
  • Trapeze Bar and Rings

    Trapeze Bar and Rings, a popular choice for budding acrobats, two activities in one and comes with either natural polyhempex adjustable ropes, which are easy to grip and soft feel, or polypropylene rope.

    £22.00 inc VAT
  • Duoride Swing Hook

    Our Duoride Swing Hook is ideal for attaching duo-seats to either roundwood or sawn-wood swing beams. Made up of 2 sprung loaded clips (carabiner), 2 nylon bushes (for reduced friction) and a thick galvanised steel bracket.

    £24.00 inc VAT
  • tp Deluxe Swing Seat (tp925)

    The tp Deluxe Swing Seat (tp925, tp950) is light, tough and comfortable making it a best seller. The wide molded swing seat is perfect for many ages and it fits most tp Swing Frames.

    £24.99 inc VAT
  • Seesaw Handle

    Stainless Steel Seesaw Handle. Ideal for a self-build Seesaw project or to improve an existing Seesaw or as a replacement item.
    Suitable for domestic and commercial applications.

    £25.00 inc VAT
  • Childs Boxing Bag

    Colourful childs Boxing Bag which can be hung from a climbing frame or a tree. Depending on the level of punching, it can be filled with various materials from foam to wood chips.

    £29.00 inc VAT
  • tp Pogo Stick (tp730)

    tp Pogo Stick (tp730). Robust pogo stick with a concealed spring for higher and safer bouncing. Maximum user weight is 60kgs (9 stone).

    £29.99 inc VAT
  • tp Junior Swing Seat (tp998) – only 1 left!

    The tp Junior Seat (tp998) comes with an integral play tray, wipe clean fabric sides and adjustable ropes, and is a great addition to any tp Swing Frame.

    £39.99 £29.99 inc VAT
  • JumpKing 12ft Trampoline Skirt

    Fortress designed ‘skirt’ which goes all the way around the trampoline, enclosing the underneath area to prevent children or pets from going underneath and causing a safety hazard. Only fits the JumpKing range of 12′ trampolines.

    £30.00 inc VAT
  • Hammock Seat

    Our Hammock Seat is made from a durable blue polypropylene rope which has been UV treated. The two hardwood bars and steel rings at either end allow easy attachment.

    £30.00 inc VAT