Mirror Activity Panels (8 designs)
Mirror Activity Panels – SplatMirror Activity Panels – Splat
Mirror Activity Panels – StarlightMirror Activity Panels – Starlight
Mirror Activity Panels – ShowtimeMirror Activity Panels – Showtime
Mirror Activity Panels – DrivingMirror Activity Panels – Driving
Mirror Activity Panels – TwinkleMirror Activity Panels – Twinkle
Mirror Activity Panels – WobbleMirror Activity Panels – Wobble
Mirror Activity Panels – ConvexMirror Activity Panels – Convex
Mirror Activity Panels – ConcaveMirror Activity Panels – Concave

Mirror Activity Panels (8 designs)

Classic Mirror Activity Panels straight from the fairground!
Hours of giggles when children extend, reflect and contort their image.

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Mirror Activity Panels

Classic Mirror Activity Panels straight from the fairground!  Hours of giggles when children extend, reflect and contort their image.

Eight designs to choose from, our Mirror Activity Panels can be mounted onto existing play equipment (e.g. a climbing tower) or standalone on a frame (see bottom of page for examples) – neither mounts are included in this price.

All our Activity Panels are made from co-extruded twin colour High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE).
In English this means they are UV stable, non-toxic, recyclable, tactile, have a high impact strength, are resistant to chemicals/graffiti, will not delaminate and are low maintenance.

The mirror is made from a shatter proof plastic (Polycarbonate).  Please note: Because our activity panels can be mounted onto most surfaces (e.g. brick walls, wooden fence panels, metal climbing frames), we do not supply any fittings.  Please contact us if you need any more information.

Assembly time: 1 adult x 30 - 60 minutes

Disco, Driving, Showtime, Starlight, Twinkle  - 800mm (w) x 595mm (h) x 19mm (d)
Concave, Convex, Wobble - 1200mm (h) x 800mm (w) x 19mm (d)

Format: The activity panel arrives fully assembled but does not include the frame or any fixing for mounting

Materials used: Co-extruded twin colour High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) which can be recycled and shatter proof polycarbonate plastic

Our opinion: Good designs, tough material, well built. A great addition to any playground

Part number: FI-xxx

Tools required: Drill, socket set/spanner, screws/bolts for securing, bolt caps

VAT: All our prices include VAT at the current rate.  We provide a fully itemised invoice upon completion

Warranty: All our own brand Just Outdoor Toys (JOT) products have a 1 year warranty

Do you deliver to my area?

We deliver to England, Scotland & Wales only.
A delivery surcharge will apply to the following areas; Scotland, British islands

How long will I wait?

All our Activity Panels are built to order so lead time is usually 3 to 4 weeks

How much will it cost?

Delivery is included in the price of all our Activity Panels