Ventura Mini Climbing Frame
Ventura Mini Tower

Ventura Mini Climbing Frame

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Our own JOT range of wooden climbing frame sets. The Venura Mini Tower is our lowest height with a platform height of 1.2m and comes complete with ladder, slide, rockwall and rope ladder.  Also available with a Swing Arm and a Monkey Beam.

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Product Description

Ventura Mini Climbing Frame

The Ventura Mini Climbing Frame is the smallest option from our Ventura range of wooden climbing frames and has a deck height of 1.2m (4ft).

Designed and manufactured in the UK, the Ventura Mini Climbing Frame is made from high quality timber.
This slow growing Scandinavian Redwood has been pressure treated against rot and infestation, making it almost maintenance free.
We are so confident in the quality that we offer a free sample service.
Simply contact us and we will post you samples of the timber we use in both the posts and the planks (e.g. deck, side walls and rockwall).

In addition, the impressive list of standard accessories means that the Ventura Mini Climbing Frame is excellent value for money.
Extra accessories are also available (please see pictures at the bottom of the page).

Included in the Ventura Mini Climbing Frame set:

  • Tower
  • Wooden Roof
  • 2 x Side Walls
  • 2.4m (8ft) Slide (green)
  • Rockwall *
  • Vertical Access Ladder
  • Rigging
  • Telescope *
  • Steering Wheel *
  • Handgrips *
  • VAT
  • Delivery to mainland England

* normally available in blue, green, red or yellow

There are no metal ground anchors with the Ventura Tower range.
They are designed to sit on flat, level ground and the two centre posts of the main tower are 20cms longer than required.
These posts need to be dug into the ground, as do the Monkey Beam and Swing Arm posts if fitted.

When comparing climbing frames you should look out for shortcuts which will affect the quality;

  • Fingerjoint timbers – we never use these, therefore, all our wooden parts are made from a single, solid timber
  • Untreated cuts/holes – we complete all our cutting and drilling before sending the timber for treatment
  • Painted timber – we never paint our timbers, we use pressure to force the preservative into our timbers
  • Nails – we never use nails as they can easily work loose, only bolts and screws

We have expanded our delivery range for the Ventura to include all of mainland England for free.
Deliveries to Wales and Scotland will incur an additional charge (please contact us for a quote).

Finally, there are other Ventura Climbing Frames available;


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Accessories: Please see the bottom of this page for related items

Age guide: The Ventura range of wooden climbing frames are suitable for children between the ages of 3 and 10 years old

Assembly: 2 adults x 1 day.  Alternatively if you would like this item assembled, please follow this link for a list of independent outdoor toy installers.

Delivery: We have expanded our delivery range for the Ventura to include all of mainland England for free.
Deliveries to Wales and Scotland will incur an additional charge (please contact us for a quote).

Dimensions: Footprint: 1.5m (w) x 4.7m (d) (with slide facing forward)

Deck area: 1.5m (w) x 1.6m (d) external, 1.2m (w) x 1.3m (d) internal
Total height: 3.1m, Eaves height: 2.3m, Platform height: 1.2m, Wall height: 0.7m
Rigging: extends 1.2m from the tower edge
Slide: extends 2.11m from the tower edge
Main timber uprights: 95mm x 95mm
Total weight on delivery: Between approximately 375kgs to 550kgs (the moisture content of the timber can cause a 10% variation in this number)

Instructions: Comprehensive instructions are included.  We also offer an Installation Service.

Part number: JOT-VENTURA4T

Safety certificates: Conforms to EN71.8 and the European Toy Safety Directive for domestic play equipment

Safety perimeter: 2m minimum recommended in all directions

Timber: Our Scandinavian Redwood (also called 'Baltic Pine') timber is planed smooth, with a rounded edge, cut to length then drilled and finally pressure treated with Tanalith-E preservative.  Splits are inevitable with any timber but we try to reduce the number and size by drying all our timber very slowly - using drying racks in a naturally ventilated building - bringing the moisture content down from over 30% to 15% over 6 months

Tools: You will need your own power drill, drill bit set for wood (3.5mm, 6mm, 7mm, 10mm, 22mm and a countersink), hammer, soft-faced mallet, cross-head screwdriver (PZ 2 head), socket set (10mm, 13mm, 17mm, 19mm), spirit level, clamps, spade (narrow head ideally, approx. 15cms), ladder (tall enough to fit roof planks 3.4m high), allen key set (5mm) and a bucket (for soil) 

User weight: 70kgs (12 stone) maximum recommended

Warranty: Timber – 10 years against rot & infestation, Accessories – 1 year

Please note that timber is a natural product that changes with ambient humidity and temperature so timber splits, shakes & cracks are not covered.  Our warranties only apply to the original customer and domestic (family) use.



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Do you deliver to my area?

We have expanded our delivery range for the Ventura to include all of mainland England for free.
Deliveries to Wales and Scotland will incur an additional charge (please contact us for a quote).

How long will I wait?

The Ventura Mini Climbing Frame is normally stocked in our own warehouse all year for delivery within 1 week from order confirmation.

How much will it cost?

Standard delivery to mainland England is free



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