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Grass Mat

£30.00 inc VAT

Grassmat is a premium rubber safety sheet (1m wide x 1.5m long)that allows the grass to grow and hide the mat but still provides impact protection up to 3m on a soil surface.

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Grass Mat

Our Grass Mat is an excellent way of providing an instant safety surface.  We have used these mats on our installations for many years and they have proved to be superb.

  • Easy to handle (1m wide x 1.5m long)
  • Environmentally friendly (made from recycled rubber)
  • Easy, low cost installation
  • Guaranteed impact absorbency
  • Zero maintenance
  • Suitable for extreme weathers
  • Non slip
  • Blends into surroundings (once grass has grown through, see images below)
  • No ground preparation required (follows ground contours)
  • Suitable for wheelchair/pushchair use
  • Suitable for lawn mower use
  • Now as cheap as Playbark for many applications/designs

Grass Mat installation advice

Our advice is based on years of experience with our own installation projects both large and small;

  • Good preparation well before the installation date is essential to a good finish;
    • Do not lay Grass Mats on uneven surfaces (it looks terrible)
    • Do not lay Grass Mats on fresh soil (the mat will just sink in)
    • Do not lay Grass Mats on long grass (the mat will smother the grass)
    • Do not lay Grass Mats on top of grass tufts (the surface will be dangerously uneven)

In summary, you need to have short, smooth, level grass prepared before the installation date
If you are using any of our installers, please note that they do not do groundwork or site preparation unless specifically quoted. If the surface has not been prepared beforehand, the installation may be delayed and extra charges incurred.

Grassmat just installed:                            Two months later:


Reducing soil depth to prevent a ‘trip hazard’ when ajoining another surface:


To ensure that the safety surface stays clean and dry, some customers have requested membrane underneath the Grassmat/Mesh, it seems to work very well. Below is an example laid 2 years previously:


Please contact us if you require additional information on this product.

Critical Fall Height: 3m on grass, 0.9m on solid surfaces

Dimensions: 1.5m (l) x 1m (w) x 23mm (d) - per sheet


Preparation: Good preparation is essential to a good finish. Please ensure that your grass has been mown short, is smooth, level and free of solid objects well before the installation date

Safety certificates: BS EN 1177:1998 approved. This model of Grassmat is not fire retardant.

Warranty: 5 years

Weight: 14kg per sheet

Do you deliver to my area?

We deliver to England, Scotland & Wales only.  A delivery surcharge will apply for Highlands & Islands.
Small orders (up to 20) will arrive by courier.
Larger orders will be palletised and delivered by articulated lorry to the kerb side so please inform us of any access issues.

How long will I wait?

This item is normally stocked in our own warehouse all year for delivery within 1 week of order confirmation.

How much will it cost?

Standard delivery is free for orders over £150
Standard delivery is £4.99 for orders under £150