Rubber Wetpour
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Rubber Wetpour

A fantastic soft surface made from rubber granules mixed with glue, we can provide Wetpour Rubber Safety Surfacing as part of our playground projects. Please contact us for full details and a quote. Available in a variety of colours, depths and patterns.

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Rubber Wetpour

We provide rubber Wetpour safety surfacing as part of our own playground projects (unfortunately we do not offer Wetpour safety surfacing on it’s own).  Please contact us for full details and a quote.

Wetpour is a fantastic soft surface made from rubber granules mixed with a glue.  It’s long lasting and flexible, requires no maintenance and is available in a wide range of colours (see an example colour palette below).  When ordered along with our play equipment, we offer a comprehensive Wetpour installation service throughout the UK.

There are many variables with Wetpour, however, as a rough guide; you should budget for approximately £100 – 150 per sq m.

We are happy to supply a quotation but as a first step, you may wish to consider the following;

Current Surface
Wetpour needs to be laid onto a compacted, level, solid material.  If you have soil, this will need to be excavated and replaced with compacted aggregate and a rubber base layer added.  If you have tarmac/concrete we can often lay the top surface directly onto this.

To retain the Wetpour we need a border, this can be an existing structure (e.g. a brick wall) or you/we can construct one.

Wetpour comes in black (cheapest), a single colour or a blend (most expensive).  We can also supply and install coloured patterns.

Critical Fall Height
If you plan to have play equipment installed on the Wetpour we will need to know the maximum fall height to calculate the depth of Wetpour.  The ‘Critical Fall Height’ (CFH) is often measured as the height of the deck or the top of a Rockwall.  The higher the CFH, the deeper the Wetpour needs to be.

The CFH will also allow us to calculate how far out the Wetpour surface needs to extend, known as the ‘Extent’.

As a guide, we normally prepare the base first, then install the play equipment and finally add the Wetpour safety surface.



Part Number: JOT-WETPOUR

Example installation
Having excavated the soil, the kerbs are being installed;

Having compacted the aggregate, the play equipment was installed:

Finally, the Wetpour was laid on the aggregate and around the play equipment:

Our Wetpour Colour Palette: