Nest Swing Hook (Commercial)
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Nest Swing Hook (Commercial)

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Our Commercial Nest Swing Hook is designed to attach large commercial Nest Seats to heavy duty wooden swing frames.

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Nest Swing Hook (Commercial)

Our Nest Swing Hook (Commercial) is designed to attach Commercial Nest Seats to Commercial Swing Frames.
Made from stainless steel, the universal joint mechanism is ideally suited to the unusual movements of a Nest Swing Seat.
By using nylon bearings, the Swing Hook is more durable and requires less maintenance.

The steel mounting plate requires two bolts to secure it to the swing beam, which is more secure than the single bolt design.
We do not include the bolts since we do not know the mounting material or it’s thickness.
However, stainless steel bolts (plus washers and locking nuts) cost about £5 each and are easily available from local fixings specialists or online.

Our Commercial Nest Swing Hook includes a stainless steel safety chain with two stainless steel shackles attached.
All commercial applications require this additional safety chain to link the mounting plate to the top of the Nest Seat chain.
This prevents a the seat touching the ground in the unlikely event of a Swing Hook failure or vandalism.

Nest Swing Hook (Commercial) installation

To calculate your Critical Fall Height, divide the chain length by two and then add the height of the swing seat at rest.  To calculate the length of your Safety Extent, multiply the chain length by 0.867, then add 2.25m.  This is calculated from the centre of a seat while at rest.  The width of your Safety Extent should be 125cms wider than the swing seat, or 1.75m minimum.


Accessories: Please see the bottom of the page for related items

Assembly time: 1 adult x 30 - 60 minutes
We recommend using 2 x stainless steel bolts (quality A2 or A4) with stainless steel washers and locking nuts.
These are easily available from local fixings specialists or online.

Height - 160mm
Plate - 138mm x 4mm
Fixing holes in Plate - 17mm x 12mm
Safety chain - 25cms

Instructions: None. When installing a Nest Swing Seat, the two main Swing Hook Bolts should be 190cms apart.  No part of the Nest Swing Seat should be lower than 40cms from the ground.

Materials used: Stainless steel, nylon bearings

Part number: JOT-C-HOOKN1

Safety standards: Tested and Approved by TUV to EN1176, the European Playground Safety Standard.  Must be installed in accordance with EN1176 part 7.
Nest Swing Seats can receive particularly heavy use in some locations. The Commercial Nest Swing Hook (and Seat) must be inspected regularly. Check all nuts and bolts are tight. If necessary, pack grease into the lower chamber (see black bung).

Tools required: 2 x 13mm spanners, 4mm Allen Key, 2 x coach bolts, washers & lock nuts, drill, drill bits.

User weight: Two of our Nest Swing Hooks mounted correctly to our Nest Swing Seat are certified to support up to 600kgs gross weight (no, that's not a typo!).  However, you also need to consider the strength of your swing frame structure.

Warranty: All our own brand Just Outdoor Toys (JOT) products have a 1 year warranty

Do you deliver to my area?

We deliver to England, Scotland & Wales only.  A delivery surcharge will apply for Highlands & Islands.

How long will I wait?

This Commercial Nest Swing Hook is normally stocked in our own warehouse all year for delivery in 1 to 2 working days from order confirmation.

How much will it cost?

Standard delivery is free for orders over £150.00

Standard delivery if £4.99 for orders under £150.00

Can I collect from your Thames Valley Display Centre?

Yes, but please contact us beforehand so we can reserve the stock for you.
Collection times are 10am – 5pm Weekends & Bank Holidays in Spring & Summer.